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Throughout the history of Korean independent animation, two main focal points stand out: the delivery of social messages and the experimentation with images. The outstanding works presented at numerous film festivals highlight the way in which these two notions have been explored over time.

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Cinema Trafo 3

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© The Sleeping Buddha, Yong-bae Lee, KR  1991
The Sleeping Buddha

This is a vivid story of Wa-bull (“lying Buddha”) in the Unjusa Temple, Hwasun County, in South Joella (Jeollanam-do) Province in South Korea.

Direction Yong-bae Lee Duration 5' Language no dialogue Country South Korea Year 1991
Animation Sung-ho Jang, Byung-chul Kim, Hai-sang Jung, Juung-sook Lee, Ho-joon Lee, Min-soo Kim, Yun-ho Oh, Young-sik Ohm Music Dae-sung Kim Camera Seung-duk Yoo

© Ashes in the Thicket, Sung-gang Lee, KR 1998
Ashes in the Thicket

A man who chances to encounter a UFO suffers from hallucinations in which his body is torn apart by a strange force.

Direction Sung-gang Lee Duration 16' Language no dialogue Country South Korea Year 1998
Animation Sung-gang Lee Screenplay Sung-gang Lee' Music Tae-jin Kim Sound design Sung-gang Lee Cut Sung-gang Lee

© Wolf Daddy, Hyung-yun Chang, KR 2005
Wolf Daddy

A wolf who is a novelist comes to a serene countryside retreat to write a masterpiece. One rainy day, a lady visits him with six-year-old Young-hee, and says “Young-hee, this wolf is your father.” This is the story of how the wolf-novelist becomes the father of a little girl.

Direction Hyung-yun Chang Duration 10' Language KR/en Country South Korea Year 2005
Animation Hyung-yun Chang Cut Hyung-yun Chang

© Stop, Jae-ok Park, KR 2008

When Young-seok is taking his mother to the hospital, a truck suddenly appears. He turns the steering wheel and the world stops at that moment. What will happen next?

Direction Jae-ok Park Duration 6' Language KR/en Country South Korea Year 2008
Animation Yong-seok Jeon Music Dong-Wook Kim

© Love Games, Yu-mi Jung, KR 2012
Love Games

A film about games that lovers play.

Direction Yu-mi Jung Duration 15' Language no dialogue Country South Korea Year 2012
Screenplay Yu-mi Jung' Music Domenico Scarlatti Sound design Young-ho Song Cut Yu-mi Jung, Ki-hyun Kim

© Man on the Chair, Da-hee Jeong, KR 2014
Man on the Chair

The man in the chair is tormented and constantly doubts his own existence. But he is just a picture that I created... Could it be that I, too, am an image crafted by others?

Direction Da-hee Jeong Duration 7' Language KR/en Country South Korea Year 2014
Animation Da-hee Jeong Screenplay Da-hee Jeong' Music Sang-woo Ma, Yin Hwang Sound design Lee Jusuk, Kim Wom

© Deer Flower, Kang-min Kim, KR 2015
Deer Flower

In the summer of 1992, Dujung, an elementary school student, goes to visit a farm in the suburbs with his parents. While his parents believe that the farm’s rare and expensive speciality will strengthen their son’s body, Dujung suffers from side effects.

Direction Kang-min Kim Duration 8' Language no dialogue/kr, en Country South Korea Year 2015
Animation Kang-min Kim, Seul-hwa Eum Music Daniel Eaton Sound design Daniel Eaton

© Afternoon Class, Seo-ro Oh, KR 2015
Afternoon Class

Boredom. Your head becomes heavy, your eyelids flicker and eventually, inevitably, you drop off to sleep. “Afternoon Class” takes this simple theme and starts playing with the surreal divide between sleep and waking life as the protagonist sits on the flimsy division between them.

Direction Seo-ro Oh Duration 4' Language no dialogue Country South Korea Year 2015
Animation Seo-ro Oh Screenplay Seo-ro Oh' Music Hye-ji Jung

© Persona, Su-jin Moon, KR 2022

A young woman slips into a second skin to go out and have a good time. What will become of her true self when she gets back home? A film about the process of being taken over by the personas we assume for ourselves.

Direction Su-jin Moon Duration 7' Language no dialogue Country South Korea Year 2022
Animation Su-jin Moon Screenplay Su-jin Moon' Music Artlist Sound design Artlist

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