Awareness COncept

Together we want to put our best efforts forward, to create a discrimination free festival and a safer space for marginalized communities. Therefore, we enforce a zero-tolerance policy for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and violence or any other discriminatory, disrespectful or non-consensual behaviors. In case of transgression or violation of our guidelines that lead to exclusion from the festival, please contact us immediately at +41 78 230 86 09 for support, and we will try to find a solution together.

Fantoche is part of the collective “Keep Festive” which aims to make animation festivals safer.

 Do you want to tell us about your experience at Fantoche? Do you have suggestions about what we could do better/differently? Inputs, ideas, feedback and criticism can be shared (anonymously) through the Awareness-Form.

Awareness Concept Fantoche 2023

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