Awareness COncept

Together we want to put our best efforts forward, to create a discrimination free festival and a safer space for marginalized communities. Therefore, we enforce a zero-tolerance policy for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and violence or any other discriminatory, disrespectful or non-consensual behaviors. In case of transgression or violation of our guidelines that lead to exclusion from the festival, please contact us immediately at +41 78 230 86 09 for support, and we will try to find a solution together.

Fantoche is part of the collective “Keep Festive” which aims to make animation festivals safer. Keep Festive is a collective of festivals and companies that aim to create safer spaces and prevent all kinds of inappropriate behaviour at different events by offering a certain set of rules and training for organizers, volunteers and attendees.

 Do you want to tell us about your experience at Fantoche? Do you have suggestions about what we could do better/differently? Inputs, ideas, feedback and criticism can be shared (anonymously) through the Awareness-Form.

Awareness Concept Fantoche 2023

Awareness Concept 2023


is a historically evolved system of domination system of domination and violence that creates a pseudo constructed hierarchy between people of different people of different skin and ethnic and/or religious affiliations.
Racism is the ideological basis for the legitimization of a worldwide structural unequal treatment of non-white racialized people.

Group classifications on the basis of which people are discriminated against include gender identity, sexual orientation, social or ethnic origin, language, religion, political beliefs, age, disability and body weight. The norms constructed by society and deviations from them lead to discrimination.

refers to discrimination on the basis of gender. In a male-dominated patriarchal society, however, sexism primarily manifests itself in the devaluation and marginalization of women, trans people and femininity in general. (Cis-)masculinity is understood here as the norm against which everything is measured.

refers to gender identities that do not or only partially identify with the gender assigned to them at birth. Trans* people can identify as male or female, but also outside the binary gender system, for example as non-binary, agender or genderfluid.

Safer Space
means actively created spaces and rooms
spaces in which people with experiences of disexperiences of discrimination can feel as safe as possible and are not exposed to marginalization, insults or harassment. The prerequisites for the establishment of such a place are mindful and critical of discrimination and build on a similar culture of discussion and shared experiences of discrimination. To indicate that there cannot be spaces that are completely free of power and domination, the term "safer" is used instead of "safe spaces".

is a term originating from the American disability rights movement. It refers to discrimination against people with disabilities who do not conform to the norms of what people can and should be able to do - for example, walk, see, hear, speak, interact socially. People are not disabled because of their individual bodies, but are hindered by barriers and social exclusion. It is not the individual bodies or abilities of the people themselves that cause disability, but barriers and lack of access.

refers to the displacement of individuals or groups to the margins of society. Marginalization can occur at different levels, for example geographically, economically, socially or culturally; it usually takes place at several levels.

The texts in this glossary are taken from the "Talking Diversity Glossary" of the Schauspielhaus Zürich.