1 October 2021

Fantoche 2021: Never GIF up!

NEVER GIF UP! (Fantoche GIF Programm 2021 mit Live-Vertonung von Bit Tuner)

The many-sided GIF programme is now a regular festival feature.

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Awards 2021

THE FOURTH WALL, Mahboobeh Kalaee, IR 2021
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Audience Survey 2021

Dear festival visitor,

Your opinion greatly matters to us. We would like to know how we can make the festival experience even better in the future, which is why we ask five minutes of your time to answer a few questions.
3x2 free entries in the thermal bath Bad Schinznach and a free festival pass are being raffled among all participants of the survey.

Thank you very much and best of luck,
Your Fantoche team

Survey 2021


Kanton Aargau
Stadt Baden
Bundesamt für Kultur