Best of Fantoche 2023 on Tour

The «Best of Fantoche 2023» brings together those films that received awards from the professional juries or were chosen as favourite films by the festival audience. Whether artistically daring or unconventionally narrated, whether made with the latest techniques or in the classic craft of animation – the colourful world of animated film is full of visual and content-related surprises.

Appointments & Tickets

Wed 27.9. • 21:00
Cinema Zinema

Fri 29.9. • 19:00
Cinema Zinema

Sun 1.10. • 17:00
Cinema Zinema

Sun 1.10. • 20:40
Cinema Bourbaki

Mon 2.10. • 11:40
Cinema Bourbaki

Mon 2.10. • 19:00
Cinema Zinema

Tue 3.10. • 21:00
Cinema Zinema

Wed 4.10. • 13:00
Cinema Bourbaki

Wed 4.10. • 21:00
Cinema Bourbaki

Thu 5.10. • 20:15
Cinema Cameo

Fri 13.10. • 21:00
Cinema Cinématte

Sat 14.10. • 00:00
Cinema Chinoworb

Thu 23.11. • 00:00
Fondation suisse

16+ 65'


© Un genre de testament, Stephen Vuillemin, FR 2023
Un genre de testament
A young woman comes across animations on the internet that have clearly been created from her private selfies. An unknown woman with the same name confesses to identity theft. But death is quicker than the answer to the question: “Why?”

Direction Stephen Vuillemin

Duration 16'

Language English

Country France

Year 2023

Animation Stephen Vuillemin

Screenplay Stephen Vuillemin'

Music Charlie Janiaut

Sound design Lucien Krampf

Production Manifest - Anaïs COLPIN

© Die graue March, Charlotte Waltert, Alvaro Schoeck, CH 2023
Die graue March
An autumn day and the first winter night in the high mountains – it is hunting season. Swathes of mist blur the boundaries between dream, imagination and reality.

Direction Charlotte Waltert, Alvaro Schoeck

Duration 12'

Language Swiss German/en

Country Switzerland

Year 2023

Animation Charlotte Waltert

Screenplay Alvaro Schoeck'

Music Bo Wiget

Sound design Johanna Wienert

Production Saskia von Virág

© Our Uniform, Yegane Moghaddam, IR 2023
Our Uniform
An Iranian girl unfolds her school memories through the wrinkles and fabrics of her old uniform and explores the roots of traditional gender roles.

Direction Yegane Moghaddam

Duration 7'

Language Persian/en

Country Iran

Year 2023

Animation Yegane Moghaddam

Screenplay Yegane Moghaddam'

Music Maryann Tedstone, Michael Tedstone, H. Ramzy, Mark, Mark Johns

Sound design S. Moghaddam

Production Jalil Moghaddam

© Cyclepaths, Anton Cla, BE 2023
A boy with a gun on his back is riding a scooter. An old woman is carrying her shopping bags. An assault on a tram. A computer-generated contemplation on the monotony and hopelessness of daily urban life.

Direction Anton Cla

Duration 12'

Language no dialogue

Country Belgium

Year 2023

Animation Anton Cla

Music Milan Van Doren

Sound design Milan Van Doren

Rental Catalog Anton Cla Sales Agent Belgium All Rights

© Crevette, Sven Bachmann, Noémi Knobil, Jill Vágner, Elina Huber, CH 2023
Jeanie discovers a prawn in her fridge’s freezer compartment, which has frozen shut. When the prawn transforms into an embryo and the other items in her fridge come to life, too, she has to face up to a very personal fear.

Direction Sven Bachmann, Noémi Knobil, Jill Vágner, Elina Huber

Duration 5'

Language Fr/en

Country Switzerland

Year 2023

Animation Jill Vágner, Elina Huber, Noémi Knobil, Sven Bachmann

Screenplay Noémi Knobil, Elina Huber'

Music Noah Loos

Sound design Noah Lüthi, Laura Kohler

Production HSLU

© The TOBOS, Tobias Rud, DK 2023
Something is wrong with Bean-TOBO’s insides. This tale of friendship, loss and mental health is set in a dream-state universe that turns out not to be too different from our own.

Direction Tobias Rud

Duration 14'

Language English

Country Denmark

Year 2023

Animation Tobias Rud, Corvus Bolton, Juan Carlos Romero Besné

Music Anders Ankerstjerne, Corvus Bolton, David Pham, Boosegumos, Space Drifters, Green-House

Sound design Anders Ankerstjerne