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Kids Film Competition 2023

Although animated film is an incredibly diverse genre, it is often rashly equated with humorous cartoons. Without a doubt, well-timed punchlines and, above all, caricature-like exaggeration are frequently key features of animation.

However, if the two children’s programmes that Fantoche has compiled this year in collaboration with “The Magic Lantern” – The cinema club for children illustrate anything, it is how often animated films for children in particular deal with serious topics. For instance, the Spanish stop motion film “What’s up With the Sky?” tells the story of climate change in just ten minutes, while the American film “Franklin” – also stop motion – examines the darker side of social media. Furthermore, “At the Edge of the Water”, a digital animated film from Uruguay, tells a coming-out story in less than six minutes.

The fact that the films often make use of zany images does not diminish the earnestness of their narratives. On the contrary, this is precisely the strength of animation: condensing stories – and, not infrequently, heightening them into the surreal and absurd – renders even complex topics easily accessible. (Simon Spiegel)

Presenting Partner «For Kids & Teens»: Gemeinde Wettingen