Best of Kids 2023 on Tour

Fun for young and old - "Best of Kids Fantoche 2023" is going on tour again this year. Let the winning films of the kids jury and the audience favourites whisk you away into the playful and boundless world of animation.

Appointments & Tickets

Sat 25.11. • 11:00

4+ 66'


© The Pirate and the Cello, Andreï Sokolov, RU 2023
The Pirate and a Cello
An unemployed cellist, a fallen rock star and a ruthless animal trainer compete on the street for the attention of passersby and a few coins. Stray dog Pirat livens up these unlikely fellow travellers in misfortune. A heartwarming cartoon from Russia. Direction Andreï Sokolov Duration 14' Language no dialogue Country Russia Year 2023
Animation Alexandra Evseeva, Oleg Bulankin, Roman Shibanov, Sergey Korupaev, Oleg Dubov, Andrey Kamalov, Galina Ridchenko, Viktor Letkevich, Sergei Polyansky, Sergei Korolev, Inna Yasinskaya, Margarit Screenplay Marat Narimanov' Music Lev Zemlinskiy Sound design Elena Nikolaeva Production Mikhail Khuberyan

© Entre deux sœurs, Anne-Sophie Gousset, Clément Céard, FR 2022
Entre deux sœurs
Two sisters, two different roles. With a relationship shaped by special circumstances. A moving animated film from France. Direction Anne-Sophie Gousset, Clément Céard Duration 7' Language no dialogue Country France Year 2022
Animation Clément Céard, Susanne Seidel, Tom Viguier Screenplay Anne-Sophie Gousset' Music Romain Trouillet Sound design Loïc Burkhardt Cut Hervé Guichard Production Reginald de Guillebon

© L’oie du plus fort, Jan Míka, CZ 2022
L’oie du plus fort
A boy pictures himself in a massive stadium, scoring a penalty against an incredible goalkeeper. However, in real life, he needs to deal with a more unusual opponent first. Direction Jan Míka Duration 13' Language no dialogue Country Czechia Year 2022
Animation Alfons Mensdorff Pouilly, Maxime Leclerc, Sylvain Rohart, Petr Charvát Music Viliam Béreš Sound design Mirek Šmilauer Camera Ivan Vít, Ačk Cut Tomáš Vrána Production Michal Podhradsky, Nicolas Schmerkin

© What's in That Crate?, Bram Algoed, BE 2023
What's in That Crate?
The contents hidden in this chest spark many people’s imaginations. The chest travels a long way around the world, through different countries, before we catch sight of what’s inside. Direction Bram Algoed Duration 9' Language no dialogue Country Belgium Year 2023
Animation Eno Swinnen, Jeroen Ceulebrouck, William Lebrun Screenplay Bram Algoed' Music Boris Zeebroek Sound design David Kamp Production Animal Tank, Brecht Van Elslande

© Katze, Julia Ocker, DE 2022
Another instalment of the hit German cartoon series “Animanimals”. This time, however, the encounter between cat and mouse goes a little differently than expected. Direction Julia Ocker Duration 4' Language no dialogue Country Germany Year 2022
Animation Ged Haney Screenplay Julia Ocker' Music Christian Heck, Sumophonic Sound design Christian Heck, Sumophonic Production Thomas Meyer-Hermann

© What’s up With the Sky? , Irene Iborra, ES 2022
What’s up With the Sky?
The sun and moon take it in turns to rise above a stunning landscape. But what do the people think they’re doing? This Spanish stop-motion film illustrates the consequences of careless treatment of the environment and shows some ways out of the crisis. Direction Irene Iborra Duration 10' Country Spain Year 2022 Original Subtitle Language no dialogue'
Animation Lorène Friesenbichler, Irene Iborra, Alicia Velasco Roche Screenplay Irene Iborra' Music Martín Edery Sound design Enrique G. Bermejo Camera Fadi El Samra Cut Irene Iborra Production Irene Iborra, Ramon Alòs

© Tümpel, Lena von Döhren, Eva Rust, CH 2023
A shoal of herrings, adopting fantastic formations, roams the vast ocean. When seagulls suddenly attack, one small herring finds itself stranded in a tidal pool. As it searches desperately for a way out, it discovers many other sea creatures here. And now there is no time for fear: only by joining forces can they hope to defend themselves against the hungry seagull. Direction Lena von Döhren, Eva Rust Duration 9' Language no dialogue Country Switzerland Year 2023
Animation Lena von Döhren, Simon Eltz, Ramon Schoch Screenplay Lena von Döhren, Eva Rust' Music Martin Waespe Sound design Tobias Diggelmann, Thomas Gassmann, Martin Waespe Production Sarah Born, Rajko Jazbec, Dario Schoch Rental Catalog MAGNETFILM Sales Agent Worldwide