Bagno Popolare: Meet me by the Pool

A place of escape, of confronting our most intimate fears, of sensuality, of social pressure, and of critical attitudes towards the world of work: a swimming pool can be all of these things. Discover these facets and much more in this programme, which can be seen for the first time in the warm thermal water of the “Zum Raben” bathhouse.

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Appointments & Tickets

Wed 6.9. • 18:00 - 21:00
Bagno Popolare

Thu 7.9. • 18:00 - 21:00
Bagno Popolare

Fri 8.9. • 18:00 - 21:00
Bagno Popolare

Sat 9.9. • 18:00 - 21:00
Bagno Popolare

6+ 180'


© Pool Party , Jack Gray, US 2018
Pool Party
A loop featuring an array of characters spending their time by the pool: some diving into the water, some reading on a sun lounger, and others turning into their pets. Direction Jack Gray Duration 2' Language no dialogue Country United States Year 2018 Age rating 6+
Animation Jack Gray Screenplay Jack Gray' Music Jack Gray Sound design Jack Gray Cut Jack Gray

© Swim Meet, Samantha Maurer, US 2015
Swim Meet
The tension is rising: the swimmers are on the starting blocks and the referees are ready. In this dynamic film, everyone’s getting ready to dive in. On your marks, get set, go! Direction Samantha Maurer Duration 1' Language no dialogue Country United States Year 2015
Animation samantha maurer Screenplay samantha maurer' Music Ivan Liptak Sound design Samantha maurer Camera Samantha maurer Cut Samantha maurer Production Samantha maurer

© Swimming Pool , Marie Urbánková, CZ 2017
Swimming Pool
In this stop-motion film, the hero must face his greatest fears. Demons from the depths are trying to take him down with them. Will he succeed in freeing himself from their grasp? Direction Marie Urbánková Duration 4' Language CZ/en Country Czechia Year 2017
Animation Marie Urbánková Screenplay Marie Urbánková' Music Johann Strauss Jr. Sound design Matouš Vyhnánek

© Eintritt zum Paradies um 3€20, Edith Stauber, AT 2008
Eintritt zum Paradies um 3€20
It’s never been so cheap to get into paradise – but might something corrupted be lurking behind this irresistible offer? Edith Stauber creates a revealing, apt yet affectionate piece depicting a veritable panopticon of different people who spend their free time in the public outdoor pool. Direction Edith Stauber Duration 12' Language no dialogue Country Austria Year 2008
Animation Edith Stauber Sound design Edith Stauber Cut Edith Stauber

© Swimmingpool, Karin Paumer, EE 2018
An abstract pool where everyone gets lost in their own thoughts. The atmospheric cut-out animation combines an array of materials with varied and unique results. Direction Karin Paumer Duration 7' Language no dialogue Country Estonia Year 2018
Animation Karin Paumer Screenplay Karin Paumer' Sound design Masumi Takino Cut Karin Paumer, Helen Unt

© Blue – Nijuu, Cecilia Reeve, GB 2020
Blue – Nijuu
The animated video for South Korean artist Nijuu’s lo-fi song consists of 700 handmade illustrations. Atmospheric music complements the style, which emphasises the constant motion of the water. Direction Cecilia Reeve Duration 3' Language English Country United Kingdom Year 2020
Animation Cecilia Reeve Screenplay Cecilia Reeve' Music nijuu, Joe Taylor, Jamie Keegan

© Peters Prinzip, Jim Lacy, Kathrin Albers, AT 2007
Peters Prinzip
Four incompetent employees at a rubber ring factory are looking to get their careers off the ground – namely a crocodile, a mouse, a cat and an elephant. A satire of the neoliberal world of work and its absurdity. The title refers to the principle established by sociologist Laurence Peter that all employees within a hierarchy are promoted until they end up in a position for which they are no longer qualified. Direction Jim Lacy, Kathrin Albers Duration 5' Language DE/en Country Austria Year 2007
Animation Kathrin Albers Screenplay Jim Lacy' Music Edward Harris Sound design Pierre Brand, Sascha Prangen

© La Piscine, Antonin Niclass, CH, GB 2022
La Piscine
A young man is confronted with his fears and peer pressure when at the pool. His coach blows his whistle and everyone starts staring at him. He wants to run away – but he jumps onto the diving board instead. Direction Antonin Niclass Duration 2' Language no dialogue Country Switzerland, Year 2022
Animation Antonin Niclass Screenplay Antonin Niclass' Music Moritz Wanger Sound design Moritz Wanger

© I Dare Not, Emma Ehrling, Michael Driver, Isobel Irwin, GB 2015
I Dare Not
A seemingly loved-up couple frolic in the water and on the diving boards at the swimming pool to the strains of Don Giovanni. But things may not be quite as rosy as they appear. Direction Emma Ehrling, Michael Driver, Isobel Irwin Duration 2' Language no dialogue Country United Kingdom Year 2015
Animation Emma Ehrling, Michael Driver, Isobel Irwin Screenplay Emma Ehrling, Michael Driver, Isobel Irwin'

© Animateur, Alexander Gratzer, HU, AT 2017
A swimming pool in the desert. A swimmer on the roof of a building that acts as a diving board. Ready to dive in? A humorous meditation on the act of animation. Direction Alexander Gratzer Duration 4' Language DE/en Country Hungary, Year 2017
Animation Alexander Gratzer Music Michael Pranger