© Un trou dans la poitrine, Alexandra Myotte, Jean-Sébastien Hamel, CA 2023

International Competition 2023

This year, Fantoche presents diverse programmes in every sense of the word. Out of a total of 26 films, our selection team compiled four different programmes that will inspire, surprise, and broaden your horizons.

You might recognise some of the names – which include well-established filmmakers such as Flóra Anna Buda, Tom C. J. Brown and Nienke Deutz – whose latest work we are excited to showcase. However, we are equally eager to introduce our audience to fresh voices reaching us from all over the world, including from Colombia, Iran, Argentina, India and Japan. Moreover, we are thrilled and proud to announce that in this year’s edition, two thirds of the films will be celebrating their premiere – some Swiss, some international and even some world premieres!

Known for its love of experimentation, Fantoche is delighted as ever to offer numerous hybrid and experimental animations that vary in technique, style and storytelling. This year, we were especially surprised by the number of strong narrative films that touched us in unexpected ways, and which simultaneously reflected the continued trend towards longer films.

The International Competition at Fantoche 2023 proves once more that animation is still very much alive and kicking! (Niels Putman)