Ride Your Wave

The young Hinako is an avid surfer and has enrolled for her studies at a university on the coast. It soon becomes clear, however, that she feels far more comfortable mastering the ocean waves than living alone far from home. This changes when she is rescued from her burning dormitory by the young firefighter Minato. As the two grow closer, Hinako teaches him to surf, and Minato helps her ride the waves of everyday life.
With wild and unpredictable anime films such as “Mind Game” (2004), the Japanese director Masaaki Yuasa has acquired a loyal fan community – including at Fantoche. In his new, unusually straightforward feature film, he takes up themes and motifs from earlier works, but largely dispenses with stylistic and narrative experiments. Instead, this time he plays with a pop culture aesthetic. Visually, the young woman with the orange surfboard and the firefighter with bluish hair make references to the motifs of fire and water. Similar to “Lu Over the Wall” (2017), Yuasa also establishes a connection between water and music as well. While singing together, Hinako falls in love with Minato, whose voice is provided by the singer of the boy band GENERATIONS from EXILE. Despite all the sentimentality, humorously kept in check by Minato’s impertinent sister, Yuasa and his screenwriter Reiko Yoshida (“A Silent Voice”) tell a fast-paced and concise story which raises various profound questions: What makes someone a hero? What do our life choices depend on?
“Ride Your Wave” celebrated its premiere at this year’s Annecy International Animation Film Festival. Shortly thereafter, it won the Golden Goblet for Best Animation Film at the Shanghai International Film Festival, which coincided with the Japanese release date.

  • RéalisationMasaaki Yuasa
  • PaysJP
  • Année de production2019
  • Durée1 heure 35 min
  • Langue (sous-titres)Japonais (Anglais/Allemand)
  • Âge conseillé du programme14+