North of Blue

With “North of Blue”, Joanna Priestley transports her audience into another world, dominated by shapes and colours that follow their own laws. They roll, swim and clatter through spaces and morph into recognisable beings. The film repeatedly plays with this mesmerising transformation: a background pattern will suddenly take shape and is imbued with life before returning into its original, unfamiliar form. Joanna Priestley demonstrates these processes by offering us a glimpse through the microscope. Or is it perhaps a gigantic universe? Abstraction does not provide an answer to this question – the very title of the film indicates a completely unique dimension beyond our understanding of the world. And yet at first glance, the world as shown in this film has more in common with ours than one might think. Sometimes buoyant and cheerful, at times threatening and gloomy, the forms and figures seem to express emotional states that we know only too well from our own lives. Last but not least, Joanna Priestley has once again drawn inspiration from real figures and artefacts for her latest project: from indigenous masks and classical Delftware to works by Piet Mondrian.
“North of Blue” is the first feature film by the renowned animator. Since its world premiere in Annecy in 2018, the film has won several awards, including Best Feature Film at the Los Angeles Animation Festival and Best Animated Film at the Yosemite International Film Festival. The soundtrack by Jamie Haggerty also deserves a special mention – it won the Best Sound Design Award as well as the Best Composer Award at the Local Sightings Film Festival.

  • RéalisationJoanna Priestley
  • PaysUS
  • Année de production2018
  • Durée1 heure
  • Langue (sous-titres)sans dialogue
  • Âge conseillé du programme6+