Marona's Fantastic Tale

L'extraordinaire voyage de Marona

After a tragic accident, a small dog reminisces about her previous owners. While she looks back on her life, all the moments filled with love for the people she lived with come to mind. She was born as the ninth and last puppy of a litter, which is how she got her first name, “Nine”. Shortly thereafter, the small dog finds herself out on the street again, living life as a stray until a new owner picks her up. Other journeys take her to different people and into dark alleys. She is given a new name in every new home, until she is ultimately found by her final owner, a young girl who names her Marona. Marona’s life is characterised by her sincere affection towards all who take her in, but also by repeated abandonment. And even though she herself never experiences the love she deserves, she realises over the course of her life that happiness consists of a home, a loving owner and a bone.
Romanian director Anca Damian is one of many well-known faces at the Fantoche Festival, where her short and feature films are regularly screened, including “Crulic – The Path to Beyond” (2011), “The Magic Mountain” (2015) and, most recently, “The Call” (2018). By using various angles, perspectives and proportions in “Marona’s Fantastic Tale”, she succeeds in revealing a great deal about the individual characters and their emotions. The film ranked among the nominated feature films in Annecy this year and celebrates its Swiss premiere at Fantoche.

  • RéalisationAnca Damian
  • PaysROFRBE
  • Année de production2019
  • Durée1 heure 32 min
  • Langue (sous-titres)Français (Anglais), Allemand
  • Âge conseillé du programme8+