Emma de Swaef

Emma de Swaef

Emma was born in 1985 in Ghent, Belgium and studied «Documentary filmmaking» at the St-Lukas Academy in Brussels. She decided to put her knitting and craft skills to use in her stop motion graduation film «Soft Plants». The short introduces the character of chubby office-worker Willy. In 2011 she made her first professional stop motion film with filmmaker Marc James Roels, called «Oh Willy…». This film went on to win 80 international awards, including the Cartoon d’Or in Brussels. In 2013 she was one of the three selected artists for the Artist in Residency programme organised by JAPIC in Tokyo, Japan. Emma also works as director and model maker on commercials for Czar (Belgium) and Supergoober (London). She gives stop motion workshops in various schools around the world. Marc and Emma are currently working on their next short film in the same technique.


Jury International Competition