Shoes, A Shirt and 100 Lire

Shoes, A Shirt and 100 Lire: Emigration and Escape in the 1900s – similar to today?

A young woman begs her mother for money for her journey, and the mother reluctantly gives it to her. Her daughter departs on a ship to the Americas, but the ship sinks en route. This is the story captured in the sorrowful 19th-century folk song «Mamma Mia Dammi 100 Lire». Meanwhile, a different fate awaited a citizen of the town of Mellingen, whose parish provided him with shoes and a shirt. After making the crossing safely and starting his life over again in a new place, he sent his trunk back to his old town. Many migrants face a similar situation today, taking barely more than money and a few clothes as they embark on journeys that are often fraught with uncertainty. Fantoche reflects on these experiences along with the places we long for in our hearts, shifting horizons and ideas of home.

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