Saturday, 6 September 2014

What's going on, Japan?

Mind Game - Masaaki Yuasa

With the focus on ‘What’s going on, Japan?’ Fantoche is diving into the fascinating culture of Asian animation. A various programme of short films, historical as well as new feature films, presentations, discussions and other related activities are showing the wide spectrum of Japans animation art.

Short Film Programme ‘Girls on the Run’
‘Josi’ or ‘onnanoko’ (jp: ‘girls’) are common motives of Japanese animation. Recently, ‘girls’ have become very active in film-making. However, there are considerable differences between girls drawn by men and girls drawn by women. This programme focuses on the ambiguity of ‘girls’ in contemporary Japanese indie animation. Saturday, Kino Orient, 20.45 PM, Age 18 and above.
All three short film programmes were curated by Nobuaki Doi.