Sunday, 6 September 2020

Our Sunday Programme

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At the last day of the festival, we’re still firing from all cylinders.

Series marathon

A particular highlight is the series marathon, which was created specifically for our 25-year anniversary. 14 different series’ of various types and origins are being screened from 10am to 9pm in the cinema Sterk 2. The marathon is divided into four different programmes, so that occasional spectators as well as unrestrained binge-watchers get their money’s worth.

Online festival

Our special online programme is still available until the end of the regular festival. You can stream the features «Topp 3», «My Favorite War», and «Old Man Cartoon Movie» as well as all parts of the «International» und «Swiss Competitions» via filmingo. Additionally, on Sunday at 8.30pm and 10.30pm there will be Q&As with some of the directors from the competitions.

Best of Fantoche 2020

The festival ends, as usual, with the award ceremony and the accompanying «Best of» programme, which provides you with an opportunity to watch all award winners once more on the big screen. Due to the large audience interest, the programme is screened in three halls; in the cinema Sterk 1 at 8.15pm, in the cinema Trafo 2 at 8.45pm, and in the cinema Trafo 3 at 9.15pm.

Further highlights

  • In accordance with this year’s thematic focus «Heroines», Christina Huppenbauer’s mass on September 6 considers the question of what makes a woman a heroine nowadays. Her sermon will be accompanied by the animated short «Spider Web». In the Reformierte Kirche Baden at 10.15am.
  • In the cinema Sterk 1, we honour Maria Mac Dalland, one of Denmark’s most important contemporary animation artists, at 12pm with a Special Focus. Mac Dalland herself will be present.
  • In the cinema Trafo 3, René Chayé’s debut feature «Tout en haut du monde» will be screened at 6.30pm. It tells of 15-year old Sasha, who’s looking for her lost grandfather at the North Pole. Her stubborn streak sees her through a seafaring adventure surrounded by men.