Thursday, 5 November 2020

Helle Nacht on November 20, 2020

Under the banner of #ZeitsprungIndustrie, numerous events putting the spotlight on Aargau’s industrial history and development have been taking placing throughout the canton in the past few months. More than 40 partners from various fields are participating in the project with exhibitions, theatrical performances, podium discussions, dance shows, industry tours, or other presentations.

A particular highlight of the series is the Helle Nacht, which will take place as planned on November 20, 2020 despite the constraints set by COVID19. Between 6 and 11pm on this evening, important cultural, industrial, economic, educational, and tourist institutions from the entire canton will open their doors to the public. Fantoche is participating in the event as well. Our curated short film programme «Industrie im Spiegel der Animation», which was part of this year’s festival, will be shown in the Historische Museum Baden at 9pm.

By clicking the link on the right side, you’ll be able to access the full programme of the Helle Nacht. We ask you to please take a look at the protection measures of the organisation you plan to visit, as they may differ from some of the others.