Thursday, 21 September 2017

Best of Fantoche 2017 on Tour

‘Best of Fantoche on Tour 2017’ for adults shows a selection of the winning films from the international and Swiss competition in 20 Swiss cities as well as Budapest and Paris. Fantoche presents its favourite films for younger viewers on 16 screens across Switzerland with its ‘Best Kids’ tour. The diversity of contemporary animated film is both captivating and surprising – serious issues are presented in visually striking ways. An apocalyptic musical with singing fish and dancing mice intrigues with bittersweet irony and masterful execution, while a stop-motion summary of the 21st century leaves its images lingering in the mind long after viewing is over. The film selection features a broad range of animation techniques, including puppetry, stop-motion animation, comic-style cartoons, and even painted glass. The winning films are touring 20 cinemas in all Swiss language regions, and also travelling as far abroad as Budapest and Paris. Tickets are available at the box office of the cinemas.