Sunday, 12 September 2021

Artists' Brunch online

From Thursday to Sunday always at 10.30-12.00 on site in the Rampe and online here and on Youtube.

Today, Sunday, the following filmmakers will be talking:

Sunitha Sangare            Swiss Competition 1            Them
Vincent Flückiger          Swiss Competition 2             Bach-o-matic
Alexandra Artamonova  Hors Concours 4              Bedtime Story (online)
Peopon Meneses &
Laura Gines                  Int. Comp. 1              The Moon
Ulf Grenzer                Kids Film Comp. 1     Affendomino
Frederic Siegel             Swiss Comp. 2             Alpocalypse Cow
Yulia Ruditska               Hors Concours 1                Long Live Belarus
Réka Anna Szakaly      Int. Comp. 1             Reduction (online)
Vivian Papageorgiou     Kids Film Comp. 1    Lost & Found