Window Horses

As Rosie Ming floats through the skies inspired by songs – enhanced by rhythmic brushstrokes that skip to the music ­– the young, introverted poet relinquishes her prejudices towards Middle Eastern cultures. In search of herself and her voice, the Canadian is on her way to Shiraz in Iran. She has been invited to present her poems at the Poetry Festival, but when she arrives in Shiraz, she is forced to confront her past. In this fashion, the film ponders the idea of overcoming cultural and generational divides. Together with poetry and love, key elements of the plot are family, history and culture. The realisation of the film is just as poetic as the story itself: the expressive and vibrant effect of this creative animation takes is magnificent. The brightly colourful imagery depicts how the protagonist frees herself from prejudices and learns to accept and understand the supposed “other”, and even to become curious and stay open. This filmic quality is supported by such distinctive dubbing voices as Sandra Oh or Ellen Page. It is also interesting to note that the poems and works recited in the film were written by artists of different backgrounds: diversity is not simply suggested, but lived! The makers of this ambitious, reconciliatory film explain that it is their small effort to try and add a little more peaceful, love and understanding to our world, because: “It’s always about love.”

Voices: Sandra Oh, Nancy Kwan, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Camyar Chaichian, Ellen Page

  • DirectorAnn Marie Fleming
  • CountryCA
  • Production year2016
  • Duration1 hour 25 min
  • Language (subtitles)English
  • Age rating14