Long ago the island was an idyllic spot on the face of the earth, covered with forests and surrounded by an ocean teeming with fish. But a fatal explosion in the industrial zone has upset the ecosystem, leaving the survivors only meagre prospects for their future. The bleak everyday life is hardly bearable for youths like Birdboy, an orphan boy and outcast, his girlfriend Dinky or Pig Boy, who is actually a young fisher boy. To be sure, they are better off than the “forgotten children” living on the heaps of scrap metal from the former industrial plants, but they also struggle to cope with the world their parents left them. Because there are scarcely any fish, Pig Boy survives by selling drugs. One of his customers is Birdboy, who attempts to carry on his father’s secret mission and save the devastated forests. His girlfriend Dinky also longs for a different, better life. She wants to flee from the island, together with Birdboy … The images in “Psiconautas” originate from the well-known Spanish comic artist and cartoonist Alberto Vázquez. He had already drafted his dismal vision of the future as a fable filled with extraordinary characters in the template for the film: the graphic novel “Psiconautas” (2007). Seemingly sweet animals or animal-like beings – similar to Art Spiegelman’s “Maus” – slip into the leading roles of an atrocious story. The film’s director Pedro Rivero also incorporated surreal elements: for example, an alarm clock and an inflatable duck that come to life or inner demons that take shape, thereby blurring the boundaries between reality and fantasy. “Psiconautas” was honoured this year with the AniMovie Award for Best Animated Feature Film at the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film.

Voices: Andrea Alzuri, Eba Ojanguren, Josu Cubero

  • DirectorPedro Rivero, Alberto Vázquez
  • CountryES
  • Production year2015
  • Duration1 hour 15 min
  • Language (subtitles)Spanish / English
  • Age rating14