Have a Nice Day

The winds of long-harboured dreams and new promises blow between huge deserted construction sites and the narrow streets of a nameless city in China. At night neon signs flicker products, while reports about Trump, Zuckerberg and Jobs can be heard on the radio and young adults dream of their own start-up out in the streets. A bag of money, lots and lots of money, crops up amid this economic bleakness. Who will snatch it and make their dream come true? There is certainly no lack of contenders: for instance, Xiao Zhang, who wants to pay for mending his fiancée’s face after a bungled plastic surgery. Or Yellow Eye, the wacky inventor who dreams of life in the Shangri-La utopia. Or Beanpole, the ageing hit-man who sent his daughter to live in the USA to avert her fate. As the moneybag makes its bloody journey through the hands of people from very different walks of life, it uncovers hidden desires. It serves as a metaphor for making everything possible, even though it is coveted until death and remains nothing more than an empty promise. A film with socially critical undertones woven into a noir gangster thriller. The black comedy captivates with its surreally calm imagery, drawn by the director himself over the course of three years. “Have a Nice Day” was received with great enthusiasm in Berlin. (ast)

  • DirectorLiu Jian
  • CountryCN
  • Production year2017
  • Duration1 hour 15 min
  • Language (subtitles)Chinese (English/German)
  • Age rating16+