Ethel & Ernest

London, 1928: Ethel the chambermaid waves bashfully every day at Ernest the milkman (spoken by Academy Award winner Jim Broadbent, famous for his roles in such films as “Iris” and “Harry Potter”). Before long the two fall in love, marry and settle in their loving home. Their happiness is perfect with the birth of their son Raymond. The family leads a peaceful life in an era full of innovation and change. Initially, automobiles and telephones upset Ethel, but soon they make her daily life easier. Ernest listens to the radio every day. While Ethel is constantly concerned about the wellbeing of her son, even though he is quite happy, Ernest yammers about work and politics. When the Second World War breaks out in 1939, they are forced to send Raymond to the countryside for his safety. Ernest is out every evening with the fire brigade rescuing bombed houses from the flames. In 1945 the war is over, but now the family faces new challenges. Ethel endeavours to keep the family together; Raymond, in danger of slipping away, moves out of his parents’ home. In 1969 the moon landing is followed closely on television. Ethel and Ernest grow old and have to overcome once again the obstacles in this new chapter in their life. Until death parts them. “Ethel & Ernest” is the touching film adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name, in which the author Raymond Briggs tells the true story of his parents. Director Roger Mainwood transfers the hand-drawn story to the big screen and manages to capture the life of Ethel and Ernest in all its facets in a suspenseful and placid yet unembellished manner: the lives of two ordinary Londoners weathering extraordinary events. The film celebrated its premiere at the BFI London Film Festival in 2016 and was screened thereafter at the international film festivals in Palm Springs, Stuttgart, Seattle and Annecy. (km)

  • DirectorRoger Mainwood
  • CountryGBLU
  • Production year2017
  • Duration1 hour 34 min
  • Language (subtitles)English (German)
  • Age rating10+