El libro de Lila

Lila's Book

Lila is a light-hearted and cheerful character in a children’s storybook. Sie lives a happy life in her paradisiacal world with colourful rivers and whispering forests – until a dreadful storm one day causes her to fall out of her paper world. Suddenly thrown into the human world, she desperately tries to find a way back. The only one who could possibly rescue her is a boy named Ramón. But he doesn’t seem to remember the heroine of his favourite childhood book anymore, and Lila is on the verge of sinking into oblivion as the whirlwinds around her become steadily worse. Together with her new friend Manuela and the help of Ramón, she visits the Guardian of Memory, who reminds them the importance of memory. Finally, the Guardian sends the brave trio forth into the Desert of Lost Memories to retrieve Lila’s book. However, the ruthless Lord of Forgetfulness and his sinister vultures are closing in on them, threatening to shut away Lila once and for all. The age-old battle between good and evil takes its course.
The variety of characters in the hand-painted adventure film by Colombian director Marcela Rincón Gonzales represent the ethnic diversity in Latin American. With a great deal of humour and beautifully designed characters, Lila’s fate is no less tragic than the demise of Michael Ende’s Fantastica being swallowed up by Nothing. Honoured with international nominations and screenings, the film also warns against ever forgetting your own roots. (km)

  • DirectorMarcela Rincón Gonzalez
  • CountryCOUY
  • Production year2017
  • Duration1 hour 16 min
  • Language (subtitles)Spanish (English) German
  • Age rating6+