In This Corner of the World

This endearing film tells about the life of Suzu, a young girl known for her dreamy disposition and talent for drawing. A great deal of her childhood is spent in Hiroshima, telling her little sister Sumi stories, complemented by self-drawn pictures. In 1944, at the age of eighteen, she moves to the small coastal city of Kore, a one-hour train ride from Hiroshima, to get married and live together with her husband Shusaku and his family. While he works for the military tribunal, she takes care of the household and her ailing mother-in-law. Despite the difficulties in her everyday life, she never loses her courage and manages to find joy, or at least a bit of humour, in every situation. Suzu’s zest for life is gradually put to the test by the food shortage, the bombing of Hiroshima and the personal misfortunes associated with it. In the film “In This Corner of the World” historical events are woven into the story of a girl who is forced to come of age during the dropping of an atom bomb on Hiroshima and its ensuing social disputes. The film, told from Suzu’s perspective, nonetheless maintains its lightness and vital energy. Director Sunao Katabuchi launched “In This Corner of the World” with a crowd-funding project. Since its premiere in October 2016, the anime has been screened at many film festivals and honoured with numerous awards, including this year’s Jury Award for Best Feature Film at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France. (mu)

  • DirectorSunao Katabuchi
  • CountryJP
  • Production year2016
  • Duration2 hours 9 min
  • Language (subtitles)Japanese (English/German)
  • Age rating12+