Curators 2016

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Judith Affolter 
She works for Fantoche since spring 2014, first in film acquisition and handling, and since 2015 in programme coordination.
She was hired by a number of film festivals in Switzerland during her studies in Film and Cultural Anthropology at the Zurich University, as well as by film clubs and openair cinemas. Thereafter, she taught Visual Anthropology at the University of Zurich and also worked for “Regard Bleu”, a festival for student films and media. Her special fondness for the animated film has brought her to Fantoche. She leads the Fantoche team selection “Animated Musicvideo Darlings”, is in charge of the feature films selection as well as for the Fantoche activities during the year. Since 2017 she supervises the Swiss Competition selection. She particularly campaigns for queer filmmaking, her curated short film programme “Queer Animation” has travelled to several queer film festivals, up to India and Australia.

Ana Ascencio 
Back in the 90s, Ana Ascencio worked with Weetamix, an organization which promotes electronic music and cultures in Switzerland. She then moved to Montreal, Canada, where she joined the team of Elektra, international digital arts festival, as administrative director and project manager. Back in Europe, Ana Ascencio has been curating for the visual arts department of lille3000, a French contemporary art institution. Since December 2011, she is also the artistic director of the Mapping festival in Geneva, Switzerland, an event dedicated to audiovisual arts and digital cultures

Kilian Dellers
Kilian Dellers studied Fine Arts at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and founded the festival distribution service for Swiss animators in 1985 which he lead for 28 years. Since 1981 he works as an independent artist, (animation) filmmaker, musician a well as curator.

Erik van Drunen
After a short but dynamic experience in psychiatric nursing and art therapy, Erik van Drunen took a second chance and studied animation and photography. Since then the path has led him through a wide range of activities in the field, working as curator, organizer of workshops, master classes and educational programs. He teaches animation history and serves on selection committees, juries and advisory boards.

Pascal Etzensperger 
Born in 1986 in Baden, Pascal Etzensperger obtained his degree in Cultural Studies from the University of Luzern. He is also involved in numerous cultural projects, for example, the music and art open-air “Festival des Arcs” or “PETZI,” a non-profit music club, among others. He curated the “Welcome to the crisis” film series for the [project21] student organisation. He has been a member of the Fantoche team since February 2014. Starting 2016/17 he’s co-leader of the cultural venue Royal in Baden.

Annegret Richter
Annegret Richter leads the animation section at the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film in Leipzig (DOK Leipzig) since 2010. Before that she was Director of the International Short Film Festival in Dresden (Filmfest Dresden) and a researcher at the Institute of Communication and Media Studies at the University of Leipzig, where she also taught. She also worked as a film journalist for radio and magazines.

Annette Schindler
In 2012, Annette Schindler was appointed as the artistic director of Fantoche, in 2013 she became the festival director. She developed the festival in accordance with the increasing proximity between animation, gaming and media art, presented some high profiled programms and expanded it’s network with partners. Annette Schindler directed Kunsthaus Glarus 1992-1997, the Swiss Institute New York 1997-2000 and the media arts institution in Basel 2000-2010. In 2010, the Federal Office of Culture honoured Annette Schindler with the Swiss Art Award Prix Meret Oppenheim. In 2014 she was appointed a member of the Jury «Animation off Limits»  at the Annecy festival.

Claudia Spinelli
The art historian has worked for 20 years in the art field, curating exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad, lecturing at universities and contributing articles for the trade, daily and weekly press on a regular basis as an author. She has directed Kunstraum Baden since 2010.

Christian Ströhle
After having studied Film, Linguistics and Art History, Christian Ströle worked for five years at the Federal Office of Culture as the head of Film Culture, Education and New Media. Ströhle is the cofounder of SuperMarket Film&Transmedia Entertainment, responsible for the development, production and marketing of film and transmedia projects. In 2012 he initiated a national series of transmedia events at film festivals to kick-start the transmedia movement in Switzerland. Also this year at Fantoche, for which he curated Industry Talk together with Immanuel Wagner and Manu Weiss.

Immanuel Wagner
After studying animation at HSLU (Lucerne) Immanuel Wagner worked as a freelancer. With his diploma film “BAKA!!” he visited many festivals and won several prices. His work in animation involves artistic as well as commercial projects and has been growing steadily giving him the opportunity to hold a presentation in China. He is currently employed as Junior Producer at Markenfilm Schweiz.

Manu Weiss
After a degree in design Manu Weisss graduated 2011 in animation from HSLU (Lucerne). She has since freelanced in the audiovisual branch. Besides her work in animation she also curated short film programmes for cinemas and festivals. In collaboration with two french filmmakers she founded “L’animation tue”, an online archive for contemporary short film productions and organises branch meet ups.

Anastasia Zehnder
Anastasia Zehnder obtained her degree in Slavic Studies and Art History in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and wrote her Master’s thesis on animation pioneer Vladislav Starevich. Since then she has worked as an interpreter and coordinator for a diverse number of theatre and film festivals in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, including the Multfest Moscow. Since 2014 has lived in Switzerland.