Special Programmes

Royal Fish

The official Fantoche Late Night lineup offers an explosive mix.


The anniversary edition of our party night will kick off with the traditional GIF programme.

→  22:00 Let’s GIF!
→  22:30 Party, u. a. mit Resident DJ «whitegirlsstudyplaylist» (Belgrad)


On thrilling VJ Battle night, video jockeys battle it out on the canvas. 

→  20:00 Doors & VJ-Battle


Kurt d’Haeseleer (BE) and Franck Vigroux (FR) will present an immersive audiovisual performance with “The Island”, following a warm-up in the form of our Trash Music Videos.

→ 22:00 Trash Music Videos

→  23:00 A/V-Show von Franck Vigroux & Kurt d’Haeseleer

→  00:00 Party, u. a. mit Resident DJ «whitegirlsstudyplaylist» (Belgrad)


To celebrate our Fantoche anniversary, we intend to party the house down – including a performance by virtuoso drummer Arthur Hnatek, who sounds out the boundaries between improvisation and electronic dance music.

→  21:00 DJ Shullio aka Daniel Šuljić

→  23:00 A/V-Show von Arthur Hnatek (CH) & Sophie LeMeillor (FR)

→  21:00 Party, u. a. mit Resident DJ «whitegirlsstudyplaylist» (Belgrad)



Wed., 07.09, 22:00 Royal
Thu., 08.09, 20:00 Royal
Fri., 09.09, 21:00 Royal
Sat., 10.09, 21:00 Royal