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Artists' Brunch

Brunch with Fantoche! Filmmakers from the short film programmes will give an insight into their imagination and the creation of their films in a relaxed morning discussion over coffee and brunch, served for all guests.

Guestlist Artists’ Brunch Wednesday 7.9.2022

Jack Gray International Competition 2 Menagerie
Marco Jörger, Tokay Yotomi Swiss Competition Dude
Eleonora Berra Kids Film Competition 2 Mosaic
Raphaëlle Stolz Swiss Competition 2 Miracasas
Fabio Bozzetto, Diego Zucchi Kids Film Competition 2 Clair De Lune

Video of Artists’ Brunch Wednesday

Guestlist Artists’ Brunch Thursday 8.9.2022

Mauro Carraro Swiss Competition1 Baroudeur
Jonas Bienz International Competition 4 Boddyssey
Loïc Kreyden Swiss Competition 2 Places I’ve Never left Pt.1
Isabelle Favez Swiss Competition 2 Lost Brain
Claude Luyet Swiss Competition 2 Lucky Man
Samantha Aquilino Swiss Competition 2 Manchmal weiss ich nicht wo die Sonne
Adrian Flury Swiss Competition 1 Arrest in Flight

Video of Artists’ Brunch Thursday

Gästeliste Artists’ Brunch Saturday 10.9.2022

Anna Budanova International Competition 4 Deux Sœurs
Špela Čadež International Competition 1 Steakhouse
Methas Chantawongs International Competition 1 KHON-temporary
Juliette Laboria International Competition 1 Nuisible
Gabriel Gabriel Garble International Competition 4 Lunar Love & Ever
Beatrice Jäggi Swiss Competition 2 Ethel
Piret Sigus, Silja Saarepuu Kinderfilm Wettbewerb 1 The Turnip
Song Yungsong International Competition 3 OUR 2

Video of Artists’ Brunch Saturday

Gästeliste Artists’ Brunch Sunday 11.9.2022

Hardi Volmer, Urmas Jõemees International Competition 2 Buried in Europe
Ursula Ulmi Swiss Competition 1 IDODO
Dirk KoySwiss Competition 2 Intersect
Frederic Siegel Swiss Competition 1 Sit Down, Don’t Touch Anything
Danielle Rhoda Kids Film Competition 2 Musica Quarantena
Antonin Niclass Swiss Competition1 La Piscine
Harriet Titlow International Competition 2 Beware of Trains

Video of Artists’ Brunch Sunday

Hosts: Olivier Samter & Jane Mumford


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