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Industry Day 2019

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«Creative - Innovative - Productive»

For the 5th Industry Day we focus on “Creativity”. We highlight the relationship between innovation, creativity and productivity under high time pressure, tight budgets and high-quality standards. We will look at successful examples from the industry and get tips from media professionals. Which tools and processes help to trigger the winning ideas or to develop an outstanding visual language? How can you sell your ideas successfully and convince customers of innovative concepts and of breaking new grounds? How do you gain their trust to take risks? In various presentations, talks and creative sessions on the topic, we will explore how to successfully position yourself in the market. We will look into the question of how to make yourself visible and how to make it easier for a potential customer to be “found”. In a playful way and with many applied examples, we explore different creative processes and get to know methods to develop creativity even under time pressure or tight budgets.

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Curators: Manu Weiss and Ursula Ulmi
Presenting Partner für den Swiss Animation Industry Showcase & Award: Swissfilm Association

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This year’s Industry Day also offers two exciting new intensive workshops that address the needs of young professionals and experienced creatives from the Industry.
Newcomer Industry Day supported by Migros-Kulturprozent.


Fri., 06.09, 09:00 to 19:00 Druckereiraum