Fantoche expanded

Give, Give, GIF!

Alcohol, Laurène Boglio, GB 2019

The many-sided GIF programme is now a regular festival feature. Again, a series of outlandish, experimental and varied micro-animated films created by this free-spirited and dynamic online community will be set to live music and shown on the large Fantoche screen. It promises to be an audio and visual treat.

Curated by Pascal Etzensperger & Flurin Michel

Age recommendation: 16+


Das Übliche bitte Elisa Anderwert, CH 2019
Form-Transform Sarina Beti, CH 2019
Possible – Impossible Gina Bodenmann, CH 2019
Alcohol Laurène Boglio, GB 2019
Impresi Nicolas Boillot, CH/FR 2019
Moonwalk Hugo Bossard, CH 2019
After Party Daniel Castro, US 2019
Selfexpansion II Anete Čīma, LV 2019
Laundry William Conway, IE/GB 2019
Sunset Lara Cruz, CH 2019
Chaleur à l’horizon Hippolyte Cupillard, CH/BE 201
120 songes Nicolas Fong, BE 2019
Mandala Fernand Léger Nicolas Fong, BE 2018
Mandala Joseph Plateau Nicolas Fong, BE 2019
WRINKLZ Jon Frickey, US/DE 2018
FACTORY Jon Frickey, US/DE 2016
Go to Work Come from Work Gerhard Funk, DE 2015
There Must be Water Gerhard Funk, DE 2019
Endless Fall Charlotte Germann, CH 2016
Narziss mit Goldmund Charlotte Germann, CH 2016‘
Can’t Unsee Daniel Harisberger, CH 2019
Sasso 2 Delia Hess, CH 2018
BORN TO LIVE Juan Ibanez, ES 2019
Orange und Grau Jasmine Javet, CH 2019
Space Force Jonas Kalmbach, DE 2019
nix is fix Maria Klackl, AT 2019
ETERNITY Ala Kondratova, RU/EC 2019
Circle Dirk Koy, D/CH 2018
Loop Dirk Koy, D/CH 2019
Palm Reading of Tumaroh (The Digital is Metaphysical) Till Langschied, DE/CH 2019
Body-Server-Interconnectivy (You are the Interface) Till Langschied, DE/CH 2019
Get new Fan Li, CN 2018
IANVS Tania Falcao & Luis Lucas, PT 2019
Daydream Tania Falcao & Luis Lucas, PT 2019
It wont Stop Fiona Mäder, CH 2019
Ice Cream Nom Nom Thoka Maer, US 2018
What the Space Silvano Maselli, IT/CH 2019
Swan Cut Julie Mathieu, CH 2018
Duck Julie Mathieu, CH 2018
Flying Hats Nicolas Monterrat, FR 2019
Les merveilles de la nature Nicolas Monterrat, FR 2019
Bubbles in Motion Lara Ott, CH 2019
SPONTANEOUS STATUE Miriam Palopoli, IT 2019
Lick My Look Ankita Panda, IN/US 2018
More Fantoche Luca Pannoli, IT 2019
Laundrette Luca Pannoli, IT 2019
Feel Glee with me in the Sea Colin Raff, US/DE 2018
The Wormhole Commotion Colin Raff, US/DE 2019
Spin Glitch Adrien Rebuzzi, FR 2017
Far and Beyond Adrien Rebuzzi, FR 2019
Astral Matrix Adrien Rebuzzi, FR 2019
Dog Days Vanessa Riecke, DE 2019
Cosmic Sheep Philippe Rohrbach, CH 2019
Varial Heelflip Philippe Rohrbach, CH 2019
More than the Sum of our Parts 1 (Perpetual Line Series) Maxi Schramm, DE/AT 2019
Exercise in Scream Maxi Schramm, DE/AT 2019
Giraffe Frederic Siegel, CH 2019
MOLECULE Frederic Siegel, CH 2019
I Wanna Give you my Love Julia  Specht, DE 2019
Wind Alice Tiroille, FR 2019
Nuit Noire Bruno Tondeur, BE 2019
Horse (Animals Against Fascism) Asja Trost, SI/DE 2018
Anti Social Dance Karolin Twiddy, DE 2019
EIEI Iby–Jolande Varga, AT 2019
CIRCULATION Mira Yankova, BG 2018
42 Squares Loop Benjamin Zimmermann, DE 2018


Sat., 07.09, 21:00 to 22:00 Royal