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Royal.Fish – Fantoche Bar & Parties

The evening programme in the Royal culture centre will be showing artworks on the very frontier of animation. With audiovisual performances, installations and concerts, “Human & Machine” will run for four days – it is a cross-discipline collaboration in which anything and everything is possible. 
With: Kid Simius, Luc Gut, Projektil, Lisa Lazer, dance performances Accalia, metoso and many more

→ We, 22.00 – 2.00: Humans learn to stand upright and discover tools. Short audiovisual features and experiments. 

→ Th, 22.00 – 2.00: Humans biuld machines and pit their wits in competitions. Video artists from all over Switzerland vie for the title of Number One. 

→ Fr, 22.00 – 4.00: Machines falls in love with humans and merge with them. A performance in harmony with practical projection art. 

→ Sa, 22.00 – 4.00: The cyborg is born and celebrates life and the blood coursing through his circuitry. The grand finale. 

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Wed., 06.09, 22:00 to Thu., 07.09, 02:00 Royal
Thu., 08.09, 22:00 to Fri., 09.09, 02:00 Royal
Fri., 09.09, 22:00 to Sat., 10.09, 04:00 Royal
Sat., 10.09, 22:00 to Sun., 11.09, 04:00 Royal
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