Jericca Cleland

Jericca Cleland is a writer-director for film and television. She also regularly creatively consults on films such as The Breadwinner, Wolf Walkers, and Voyagers of the Enchanted Forest. In her role as creative director of the Oscar- and Emmy-nominated Danish animation studio Nørlum, Cleland oversees original content development and collaborates with various creators to best bring out each project’s potential, whether feature films, series, or other formats.

Cleland developed her filmmaking skills at Pixar Animation Studios and designed filming and staging for the award-winning films Finding Nemo and Toy Story 2. Then she continued as an independent cinematographer on several films (Arthur Christmas, Ballerina).

Also a dedicated teacher, Cleland presents master classes internationally on story and cinematic design. Cleland is a full member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and an accredited cinematographer with the Canadian Society of Cinematographers. 


Writer-Director; Head of Creative (CCO) Nørlum